women of the worldDescribing the rush of empowered energy that I wooshed through this weekend is going to be impossible. (but I will try.)

Imagine that you have been tasked to create a perfume, something that would be the essence that embodied the beautiful and complicated notion of: WOMAN. Like a skilled perfumer you know that you will need many, many notes, many layers. You will need something bold, yet graceful; rebellious yet triumphant.

Sitting in Lincoln Center and soaking up the myriad of life lessons was like taking in these notes. Every time I walked out of the theatre for a break I felt intoxicated by girl power. Because there are an infinite number of issues that concern women the summit had many panels. There were speakers on finance, genital mutilation, forced marriage, female entrepreneurs, health care in America… SO MUCH to take in.

I jotted down names of charities that I wanted to get involved with, sat up straight when two sisters took the stage quite certain that at least one of them would be in national office very soon, I laughed, and I cried. I did a lot of crying.

Quotes from the weekend that are still resonating with me:

• Molly Melching, “We changed the message from women’s rights to human rights. Male advocates are crucial.”
• Kanala Harris, “Just because a girl is physically developed does not make her a woman.” (Re: how we label underage victims of sex crimes — she helped remove the phrase “teenage prostitute” as a DA because that label isn’t accurate)
• Honorable Jane Harman, “Men run for office to be someone, women run for office to do something.”
• Nancy Pelosi, “Being a woman should not be a preexisting medical condition.”
• 1st woman President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, “If you have a secure woman you have a secure child, family, society…”
• Leymah Gbowee, “stop being politely angry!!” (speaking specifically about fighting for reproductive rights)

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{special thank you to Coca-Cola for inviting me to attend the Women in the World Summit as their guest and additional thanks to them for co-sponsoring such an AMAZING event.}

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