toddler takes out trashI have been filming W more lately because I don’t want to forget any part of who he is right now, right this moment. This means I film him taking out the trash, playing with trucks, eating oatmeal, and I film him being silly in the car.

Tuesday morning I told W that I needed to pick up some medicine from the pharmacy (FET meds!)that was in the grocery store. He loves the grocery store. It is his third favorite place on earth (after Ikea and Target, obviously). Usually when we talk about something in the morning at pick up in the afternoon it is the 1st thing out of his mouth. For whatever reason he didn’t bring up going to the grocery store on tuesday.

I figured I would pull over a block or two away from the grocery store and remind him that we were going there for our afternoon errand and then surprise him with the news that the pharmacy was right next to the ice cream aisle. Which clearly meant that ice cream was going to be in our future. YAY!!!

I pulled out my cell phone and grinned just knowing that I was going to get a super cute and gleeful love declaration for ice cream.

Except it didn’t turn out that way…(there is sound. oh yes. yes there is. but you can still mute it and figure out what happened.)


He totally simmered down at the idea of grabbing a milkshake but then by the time we pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store he fell back into complete hysterics. No explanation.(ha! I KNOW. He’s 2. But still – WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING??!!)

The funny thing is that when I picked him up from school yesterday I bet you can guess where he asked (BEGGED) to go.

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