organize your headphonesYesterday I got so fed up with a problem that happens to me so often that I took to twitter to see what the solution was. Because obviously there HAD to be a solution out there and I was just oblivious. Every day I communicate with my boss or co-workers via Skype. This means that every day, multiple times a day, I have to pull out my earbuds and gesture to someone, “hold on!” and I hold up my tangle of cords and I frantically try to untangle them.

No one really had a solution on twitter, just lots of requests to let them know the answer when I find out how to keep my headphone cords from being a tangle. Then LJ, who is often master of the interwebs, sent me a link from Lifehacker about making cords shorter. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but within the link I pulled two elements from other posts and combined them to fit my needs. I needed a good wrapping technique and I needed a good “hold together” option.

So here it is – the organized chaos of my headphone cord!

[portfolio_slideshow exclude=”7968″]

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