W is 100% energy these days. He wakes up in the five am hour ready to PLAY. It’s as if he doesn’t want to miss anything.

Naps are shorter and his bedtime is later. Bottom line: he’s not needing as much sleep as he used to.

His world is all about vehicles and robots. In mental daydreaming about his 3rd birthday (!!) I am considering making some sort of mash-up cake with a robot driving a bulldozer.

His school is on Spring break during the week of his birthday so I’m thinking of joining up with a Mom of another April kid and doing a super casual playground party. As long as party = I’ll bring juice boxes & cake I will be fine.

This post is being pecked out on my phone while W zooms in and out of his play tunnel shrieking, “let’s do it again!”

He’s pretty awesome.

{edited to add: WOW. Looks like if I add a post from my phone with a photo the photo ends up GINOURMOUS….good to know.}

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