{If you are reading from a feed reader or outside source you may not be able to see the polls in this post. So come on over and click your feelings.}

We are about to embark on the season of blog conferences and this weekend many bloggers will be headed off for learning and socializing at the Blissdom conference in Nashville. Chances are your twitter stream will be aglow with folks live tweeting from sessions. They will also be full of folks lost in the giant hotel. I won’t be at the conference and I am looking forward to reading about everything. (well, mostly everything.)

{I plan on tweeting through my experiences at the National Anti-Hunger conference in DC this weekend – get ready!}

So tell me how you really feel about conferences. I am curious.

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I’d also love to know what your dream blog conference would be like. Last fall BlogHer had their 1st writers conference in NYC and that was BY FAR the most amazing blog/writing experience I have had in ages.


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