toddler valentine

toddler cardFirst off, it should be said that these cards would not even exist without Cecily turning her laptop towards me last week to show me Kristen’s post. “DUDE! Look at these CARDS!!” We both scrolled through the how-to and the final product and were just awed by the adorableness.

“I want to do that.” Cecily gave me a sideways glance. I am not crafty. I am photoshoppy. But I am not glue-gunny. But I kept thinking: I have an original kid and these are a great way for us to make an original Valentine’s Day card.

I showed Mom the post and she went, “awwwww!” Then on her adventure to Home Depot with W on Saturday morning they came across a small white tube thing-a-ma-jig and she thought, why not? Sunday morning we got W into a Superman cape (bath towel) and posed him in the door. He was happy to run around with the super tube, but not so thrilled to pose. AT ALL.

(He is into Superman only because of his deep, deep love of the movie The Iron Giant. I am quietly happy that these cards are also a tiny homage to Super Grover…just don’t tell him.)

(He also wanted to wear his W cape that our friend Sherry from BabyPop made him. If you have a cape wearing kid you MUST get to know Sherry.)

Finally we landed on an image that I thought I could work with. I uploaded it to photoshop, removed the background, rendered some clouds, added a message, and then we printed them out. Once we had the photos we found some thick card stock we had in the house and then began the frantic search for a way to connect the photos to the card stock. Because, you see, we are a HOUSE WITHOUT GLUESTICKS!!! We ended up using rubber cement that had a price tag on the side of it from a store that I know has not been open for at least a decade. This officially makes the cards vintage.

I dropped the cards off at school yesterday (they did card exchange on the 13th and are having a party today – these toddlers have a very active social life!) and they were a huge hit. I felt a ridiculous amount of smugness at being so crafty. This means I will probably try to be crafty again. (you have been warned.)

By the way? I love you.

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