instagram cheatOnce upon a time when I used the awesome Instagram app on my iphone it would save a copy of the photo before I uploaded it to the feed or a sharing platform like facebook or twitter. After several updates this no longer happens and it has continued to bum me out. I like to use the app to play with my cell phone photos but I don’t always like to share those photos right then and there (or at all).

This last week I accidentally discovered a workaround that solved my problem. I was taking photos of the sunset from 30,000 feet and then putting them into Instagram. I saw that the images failed to upload to the feed and I just shrugged and figured I would push them through again when I landed and was connected to the internet. Moments later I was looking at the camera roll on my iphone and saw that the Instagramed photos that had failed to load HAD saved into my camera roll.

OH! An Instagram Cheat! And that is when I realized that the answer to my Instragram woes was Airplane Mode.
Here is a step by step for how you do it when you are not up in the air: (you can click the photo to make the slideshow advance)

And of course I couldn’t miss a chance to show you my final product: My Plaidspotting moment of the day.
plaid wallet

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