Of course there was a time when I thought it was positively adorable to plonk W into one of those bean cars attached to my shopping cart at the grocery store. Ah bliss, as my adorable toddler happily drove and beeped the horn of his child cart while I filled the basket area with items from our grocery list.

But then, probably the third time I was dumb enough to get a car buggy, I could no longer figure out how to maneuver it around the store. Also? W had figured out how to unbuckle himself and crawl through the front window of the car. There is nothing quite like the terror of your two-year old making a bee-line towards the glass jars of pasta sauce on the bottom row. Sure I was probably getting a hell of a workout pushing the extra 100+ pounds of plastic around the market, but my annoyance and frustration level were sky-high because as I paused to put an item in the cart I had to also quickly make sure W was not crawling out or reaching out or leaning out.

car cart

I abruptly decided that we would no longer be employing car shopping carts on our trips. I was firm. It was horrible. 80% of the time I never actually managed to do any shopping because one really can not force a giant toddler into the seat area of a regular shopping cart. I (ha ha ha ha) tried to negotiate with my two-year old. Did really bad parenting stuff like try to bribe him with new toys or extra tv if he would just EFFING SIT DOWN so Mommy can get some mothertrucking milk.

The 18% of the time he actually did, somehow, sit down in a regular shopping cart he protested with shrieks and screams so passionately that I usually just pulled him right out and left the store. Don’t even get me started on the 2% moments where things were going just great – until he saw another kid tooling around the store in a car shopping cart. Then it was a shrill, “WHERE MY CAR BUGGY MOMMY???!!!”

I started doing shopping while he was at school. Started researching the stores near me that have started to advertise for free grocery delivery. All because I have been kicked in the shins by the car shopping cart.

Are there children that sit in these cars and behave? And if so do the parents/ adults pushing the carts actually LIKE the extra heft?

According to McCue Corporation (a company that makes and sells these shopping carts):

“Think like a mother. With kids sitting pretty in a Bean, your customers have a happy shopping experience ahead. That can easily breed up to 20% more sales, per shopping trip. By offering your customer Bean, you attract more moms — and build incredible customer loyalty. Day in and day out. The shopping experience just got a whole lot more fun!”


To be honest I like to know about grocery stores that DON’T have these beasts available. I would be so incredibly loyal and devoted to them. Point me towards a grocery store that has a drive through – now THAT would be “thinking like a mother”.

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