toddler adorableW is at an age where I am constantly blown away by the stuff that comes out of his mouth. It feels like this kind of communication is so recent for us and I love every bit of it. He likes to grab on to a concept and then he shapes his world around that concept.

For example, on the way to his pre-school we see lots of buses. We see city buses and we see assisted transportation buses. We see school buses and we see small school buses. He decided to call the small buses “baby buses” ergo the larger buses are “Mommy buses”. That means it is “baby school bus” and “Mommy school bus”.

We drive through a small tunnel to get to school and we used to gleefully yell, “TUNNEL!!” as we went through but now he says, “Oh it’s baby tunnel! Hello baby tunnel!” Because, you see, he met a Mommy tunnel (also known as the Baltimore tunnel).

He is fitting what he sees into what he knows and his observations are so fascinating to me.

This morning I was fiddling with the vent in the car trying to shift some heat towards him in the backseat. He said, “That is an escalator.” I stopped touching the vent and looked at it and suddenly I saw what he saw and yes, it DID look like an escalator.

His appetite for learning about things is mostly focused on vehicles but it is so nice to hear him put together stuff. If we see a car on the side of the road he will proclaim that it is waiting for a toe truck to take it to the mechanic and then it will go up and go down and then be fixed.

By the way he can’t really say toe truck. I am not really certain he can say the letter T properly right now. So it comes out as, “Crow Cruck”.

Some other bloggy stuff:

• Thanks for taking my SOPA survey yesterday. If you are interested in learning more about it there is a great article on Lifehacker that explains things in a clear way.

• Tomorrow I will be running another guest post for my In Times Likes These series. It’s a super powerful post tomorrow so I hope you come back to support the author. If you are interested in contributing your story please let me know.

• I have two posts up on Aiming Low if you want to read some stuff where I don’t wax on and on about mushy Mom stuff:
This posts asks you to share who you have cast as YOU in the movie of your life.
This post tells you how to be a better neighbor.

• Soon I will tell you about another writing project that is about to start here on Creating Motherhood. woo!

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