The other day I picked W up a bit early from school. His teachers were putting out the carefully packed lunches for his other classmates and as W wiggled into his jacket I took a glance at what was on the menu. Most of the kids had juice boxes out, some sort of snack type situation going on, and then, for lack of a better word, an entrée.

I saw cut up chicken cubes and green beans, rice noodles with edamame, sliced hot dogs in beans… this is some fancy stuff.

W is not (at this point in time) an adventurous eater. He has his likes and he has what he tolerates because it is a means to get him what he likes. I try to enforce the “eat one bite” of a new food before he leaves the table rule but I set him up for failure many times by presenting him with new food at dinner time – a time when he is most likely to be exhausted and cranky.

W is not big on change when it comes to meals. Don’t even think about it. (I totally do.) So I stick to pretty much the same style of lunch every day for him. But I wonder how I can get him to branch out a bit. What is a slight change that I can make that would unlock a new flavor profile for him?

This is what I sent W to school with in his little insulated “briefcase”: 1/2 a peanut butter & nutella sandwich, strawberries, apple sauce, vegetable booty, and a juice box.
whats for lunch
I’m also curious what you guys are serving and packing up for lunch. What did your child eat for lunch today? Any tips on things I could add?

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