tissueOh for goodness sakes! Yes. Another cold, sickness, yuk has taken over my house. I was the first to fall down, then Mother started coughing and getting all congested, and now W is a nonstop running nose.

I know when you are sick your body tries to force you to slow down so that you can recover, but who has time to slow down? Not me. I’m still trying to catch up from the last time I was sick! So I have been pushing forward and my head is throbbing and I feel like I am having an underwater conversation with everyone.

um. right.

(But you guys knew I was sick by the sad, sad lack of Golden Globes post, right? Very tragic. First time I have had this blog that I haven’t written about the show. Blarg)

This is one of those, “why is she blogging??” posts – but it’s rough for me when so much time lapses between blog posts. I feel like there is all of this STUFF that I have missed writing about. Have I told you about W’s obsession with Dora the Explorer? And oh my goodness I know I haven’t said anything about some progress a certain toddler is making towards not needing diapers any more. (sorry, I won’t be detailing any more specifics, but YAY we are working on it!)

Next week I have a parent-teacher conference at W’s school and I am both excited and nervous because while I feel like he has come so so so far I still don’t understand like 40% of what he says.

And then, holy cow, in two weeks is THE APPOINTMENT. I’m totally taking prenatal vitamins and trying to be all, “whatever” about it but every time I convince myself I am chill and mellow I want to smack myself for being chill and mellow. There just is no right way to BE. So I’ll just be.

There is a huge design conference happening later this week and I wish that I could be a fly on the wall there. (Just thought you would want to know that.) But oh man I am going to get twitchy to try out some new blog design stuff and I just don’t have the schedule for it right now.

I’m clearly at the end of my mental capacity for thought today. And I still have a full e-mail inbox. crap.

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