Tomorrow I will be sharing with you the first guest post in my In Times Like These series. I am excited to share other points of view from other families in times of need. Please come back to read these 1st person stories.

It’s no secret that I am rather fond of the internet. The people plugged into it have saved my life and helped me through more times than I can count. I’ll always count an amazing April 1st as one of the most profound life changing events that ever happened to me – and it never would have happened if I didn’t have a blog.

Now another opportunity has happened because of this blog. I decided to write publicly about my experience of being on public assistance and you guys were so gracious and kind with your comments. And then you shared my post on your facebook wall or on twitter and then your friends shared it and so on and so on. Which is how my post ended up in the office of a group called Feeding America. These guys are all about advocacy, education and fighting hunger. (check out their website – it is packed with ways to get involved)

Someone from their office left a comment on my post, I thanked them, and then the next thing you know they are asking me if I would like to present on a panel at the National Anti-Hunger Public Policy Conference in February from the client perspective. [side note: when you are on food stamps you are called a client or customer by most state agencies]

I don’t think I have to tell you how powerful this moment was. I consider myself a memoir blogger – I write to tell my story as it unfolds in (mostly) real time. I write because I want to chronicle. I write because I want to help others. I write because I must. I never would have thought, when I sat down to fill out the paperwork for food stamps for the first time, that a few years later that I would be allowed an opportunity to talk to people who shape how these programs work. And not only that – that I might be able to help other families, other women, leap over any of the hurdles that I faced.

It’s a gift. I can not wait to tell you more about it as I learn more, but just know that you guys had a part in making this happen. Thank you.

Come back tomorrow to listen to another point of view In Times Like These.

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