looking at the treeIt’s just a small freshening up, but in case you didn’t notice there is a new animation in my header, a cleaned up sidebar, and a footer with something appropriate for a foot.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season. I know I have enjoyed some extra time with Mom and W home. I also know that I will be quite content for order and routine to come back into our lives tomorrow.

W had a wonderful Christmas and I had a wonderful one because I enjoyed his delight. We dabbled in the mystery of Santa and he loved having an Advent calendar to open every night. There was a birthday that featured brunch with an old friend and also going out for pancakes with family. Christmas dinner was a meal with good friends and amazing food.

We played with W’s new toys every day and I enjoyed the gift that Santa left for me: a kindle reader. (Making my way through the Mockingjay trilogy now!) It was one of the first holidays in almost a decade where there was hardly any stress or anxiety. Having been through birthdays and Christmases where our special guests were death, Alzheimer’s or poverty it was tremendously delicious to simply be.

I feel an optimism for 2012 that I have not known in a very long time. I am ready to make steps towards goals that have been on my list but it was not yet the time to give them attention. Now I’m thinking about it. The first thing on my list? New tattoo.

What are you ready to do in 2012?

(Psssst. Want to write a guest post?)

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