newI’m ready to tie a ribbon on 2011 and put it on the shelf. I can’t wait to open up the fresh start of 2012. Recapping all of 2011 feels exhausting and overwhelming so I decided to make it easy. If you haven’t done a recap yet feel free to go this route.

Take the first sentence of the first blog post of each month and TA-DA!

January: It has been a really awful couple of days around here.

February: I am going to share with you my intention for the month of February in the hopes that ya’ll can keep me in track if I start to wobble away from this goal

March: Yesterday morning I had to take Charlie dog into the vet.

April: Because I couldn’t begin it on the first of April (tsk, tsk, superstitions!) I started it yesterday.

May: Yesterday we went to Sesame Place and I can not wait to share the photos with you!

June: I have been trying to have little “aside” projects on the blog here each month that get me out of the typical day to day posting and it has worked.

July: Welcome to the 1st day of Summer Camp!

August: Thank you all for the incredible comments on my last post.

September: Out of the blue it happened the other day.

October: I know that I am not unique when it comes to being a girl child of the 80?s that carried a torch for The Bangles.

November: Oh look! It’s thursday! Where has the week gone? Actually, where did October go?

December: What is the name of your favorite Holiday themed song?

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