In 2012 I will be running a weekly series on Creating Motherhood called ‘In times like these‘. This is something that I felt inspired to do after writing the Food Stamp Etiquette post in November. That post was so satisfying for me because up until that point I had not allowed myself to publicly write about my experiences of being on food stamps. What I did not expect was to meet so many other women and families on their own public assistance journey.

It is because of the comments on the post and the e-mails that I continue to get about that post that I knew that I wanted to continue the conversation. Not only that but I wanted to give other people an opportunity and place to share their own story. In the blog world not everyone feels comfortable writing about money or groceries or need within their own site.  In the blog world not everyone has a blog.

In times like these‘ will run every friday starting next week. Each post will be a first person account of public assistance.

If you have a story that you would like to share I would be honored to have you. I plan on having a wide range of voices: people on assistance, people trying to get off assistance, people who work in the assistance programs. The goal is to bring us together. The goal is to help. One of the best things a person can do is to not just tell their story but have their story heard.

[Please note that comments with cruel intent will not be published within this series and every guest poster will have the ability to request the removal of a comment on their post.]

Click on the image below (or in the sidebar) to find out more information about submitting a post.

in times like these

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