me in shadesThe obvious facts about me: I am of pink complexion with freckles, blue eyes, wide hips, large feet, and dyed red hair. Those are the things any person could tell you about me. I would like to say that I am not very complex, but I probably am some days – exhaustively so. And clearly quirky. (At least I hope so!)

A few days ago, for my own amusement, I started keeping a list on a scrap of paper of things about me that were not so obvious. I have no idea what the purpose of such a list might be. My future biographer would probably be thrilled to have it – so for that reason alone I have decided to plonk the list from the back of an invoice and present it to you here.

Things about me:

1. I never preheat the oven.
2. I do not like the phrase, “May I ask you a REALLY BIG favor” for asking small favors. I say it all the time and hate that I do that.
3. I never eat the last serving of chips in a chip bag. I also never throw the last serving away in case someone else might want it. This means that every so often I have to toss away several bags of stale chips.
4. I haven’t blown dry my own hair in years.
5. I do not like change or surprises without proper notice.
6. I make a great lasagna. (It has zucchini, mushrooms, & sweet onions instead of meat.)
7. I leave a spoon in my mug of coffee and it remains there even as I drink. I am very good at not poking my eye out.
8. I am not often a fan of jam.
9. I do not consider myself southern except for moments when I so very clearly am. Ya’ll know what I mean.
10. If I do not have food/ sleep/ coffee I am very bitchy.
11. I love wheat thins.
12. I apologize 231 times a day.
13. I am probably a few years away from giving up on the idea of ever meeting a great guy. Or any guy.
14. 2012 is going to be the year of a new tattoo.
15. I hate the way my hands look in photographs.
16. I don’t hate the color orange as much as I used to.
17. I drink more coffee now each day than I did per day in college.
18. I don’t remember the last dream I had.
19. I am oddly excited about all of the time I will save by saying “Twenty twelve” vs saying “Twenty eleven”.
20. I look at houses on-line every day. I day dream about having 2 bathrooms.

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