Happy Tuesday to everyone. I am full on embracing Christmas right now and am so thankful that W and I are both feeling better. I don’t think I posted here on the blog but I was fighting an upper respiratory and sinus infection and W was hit with a double ear infection. The good news was that we were pitiful together and have recovered on the same time line.

Here are a few updates:

1. The winner of the $500 Check ‘n Go sweepstakes was a sweet woman from Texas named Kenia. She does not have a blog to link to but through a brief exchange of e-mails she has expressed how much this is going to help her family.

On a personal level, I just want to say that reading the comments on that post was incredibly powerful. I saw so many common threads and needs. I wish that I had the power to help everyone in need. If you have a free moment scroll through some of the comments and maybe if you find something that connects with you reach out or wave to the person that left it.

2. I have two new posts up at Aiming Low. Because I was sick last week I didn’t get a chance to tell you about the one I wrote about Speak and Spell. If you are looking for a total mind blow you have to check out the groovy emulator in that post. I also have a new post up today about the evolution of the holiday sweater.

3. Here is where the advice is needed. {NOT A WORD OF THIS TO W!} Santa is bringing W a vintage dollhouse that she found at a local antique store. It is fantastically rugged and large. We think it was a kit that someone started, primed, and then didn’t finish. W saw it at the store and immediately flipped for it. Clearly Santa had to go back and get it and hide it under a sheet in the dining room.

This is just a house. We have no furnishings and no decorations. I am mostly ok with that because I imagine for a while this will be used as some sort of garage for all of his vehicles. I did purchase a family set because it came with a Grandmother that looked like Lolly. But in the future (ok maybe now) I would like to have some furniture for the house for his creative play. It seems like Fisher-Price and Melissa and Doug are the only options. Is that right?

Most dollhouses come furnished and with peoples so I can’t seem to find a place on line that has stuff. Any advice?

(And if you promise not to send this link to W until after Christmas, here is a quick photo of the house from the secret corner of the dining room.)
Christmas dollhouse

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