It isn’t the first thing you notice about me, or even the second or third. You might not even notice until I proudly point it out to you: I have a club thumb. Because this clubbed thumb has caused me zero issues in life I embrace it and celebrate it and show it off at parties like some show off their double-jointedness. Recently someone told me that Meagan Fox has club thumbs too and I hoped that she was as proud of her weird digit as I had grown to be of mine.

To be medical about it, the correct term for my thumb is Brachydactyly type D and roughly 2% of the population have this kind of shortened thumb. The dinosaur sounding name isn’t as fun as some of the other names people have used. Throughout history they have been called stub thumbs, potter thumbs, murderer thumbs, hammer thumbs. While looking up the correct spelling of the Brachy… word up there I saw someone call it a “toe thumb” and that is now my new favorite. A lot of people with this will have two shorties, but I have one short and one regular – which really makes it fun to line them up.

thumbs like Meagan Fox

This isn’t the only about me that makes me special, but it is a weird quirk that I embrace. We all have them.

I want to know what is special and quirky about you?

I promise I won’t think it is weird. Share and tell in the comments.

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