Halloween was absolutely the indicator that this Christmas season was going to be a fun one for us. W is so into learning about everything from Advent to Santa to twinkle lights to hanging the stockings by the chimney with care. He is now delighting in being asked by strangers what he wants for Christmas. At first he would give people a blank stare, but after a day of preschool where the kids dictated a list to Santa he understood better. Now he has no hesitation when asked. “I wanna FIRETUCK!”

Oh yes the magical siren song of vehicles with sirens. He hunts for emergency vehicles on every drive we take and should we encounter an ambulance or police car he will shout it out with glee, “Do you see it?? AMBULANCE MAMA! See it?? SEE IT????”

The only correct response to this inquiry is, “yes. I see it.” Any deviation and it really pisses him off.

This last weekend our small borough’s emergency vehicles drove through the neighborhood so that Santa could see where all the boys and girls live. Santa rode around on top of a screaming firetruck. Even though he was in the thick of sick there was no way I could have kept W from seeing such a sight.

I can’t wait for Christmas morning this year.
Santa firetruck

watching firetruck

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