It’s been a very long week. While I could complain about how difficult it has been to manage my time this week the real sad stort is W as his sickness is the reason why things have been so chaotic. I got a call Tuesday morning that he was not himself and did I want to come get him. When I got to the school he was pretty much in a trance. The next several days have had me doing the, “is it allergies or is it a cold or PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE PINK EYE!” shuffle.

Thankfully this morning he seemed to be making that critical turn back towards energy and appetite so I took the opportunity to strip his sheets, scrub down his crib/room and wash all of his bed mates.

washing animals

I am lucky that I work at a job where much of it happens over e-mail and skype. I am also lucky that I work with other Moms that totally get it.

Now here is a random ear worm for your weekend. This song was my absolute FAVORITE in the new Muppet movie. Enjoy! (I am now in search of a muppet of a man…)

•If you have a birthday in December read and share this post I wrote last week: So Your Birthday is in December and You Aren’t Jesus
• If you like Shamrock Shakes and miss them read: Shamrock Shakes in December

Next week I’ll have some updates about how the Advent calendar is going and how my post about Food Stamp Etiquette has gone viral.

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