muppet movieMy original plan was to go to a late showing of the new Muppet Movie by myself. My love for the characters and the franchise is huge and asking W to keep up with that is not something that I wanted to do. But then I heard that LJ successfully took her toddler son to the film and that they had a great time. I suddenly had visions of all of us going together and creating this fantastic, “family that goes to the movies” memory.

Obviously you know where this is going. Of COURSE you do, you read the title of this post. I will just say that I am so thankful that Mother came with and that as soon as W started yelling, “I want drink! I want to go down THERE! I want OUT!” she slipped out of the theatre with him and allowed me to watch my movie.

Did I love it? Almost. I probably would have if I wasn’t super anxious about the screaming two year old thrashing on my thigh for the first ten minutes of the previews. I want to see it again, and I want to hear the songs again. I only managed to retain the tune of one (which is a bummer for me).

Don’t worry – no spoilers. Just go and then tell me what you thought.

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