SCATTERGORIES – it’s harder than it looks! Play here or let me know if you play on your blog. (note to those new to the game: these don’t have to be actual truths. If it helps- replace the word “you” in the questions & substitute it with “someone”.) Play on & use your imagination! Use the first letter of the answer to the first question to come up with answers for the rest.

1 )What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

2) Something in the oven

3) Something you call butterball

4) Something that would be better with gravy

5) Something you plan on avoiding eating

6) Something you plan on buying on Black Friday

7) Something you plan on watching on tv this Thanksgiving

8 ) Some one you wish was joining your holiday meal

9) Something that wiggles like cranberry sauce from a can

10) Something that prompts you to guzzle wild turkey

Have a wonderful holiday!

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