advent bags from etsyI am now determined for us to make our own Advent calendar and I have cleverly borrowed some ideas seen on-line. Here is my plan: Find the lunch bags that we have somewhere (seriously, I KNOW I have seen them!). Label them 1-25 with either a fat marker or stickers. This week we can all color/paint/decorate/whatever the bags.

Find small trinkets, books, candy to put in the bags and seal those puppies TIGHT. (fold over at the top, staple)

Thread a string or somehow put string or something, um, stringish to the banister of the stairs. Affix bags to the string with clothes pins.

I should be able to do all that, right? (stay tuned)

Speaking of advent, yesterday I found out that W can count to ten in Spanish. Mother happened to say, “uno” and W just kept on counting. Very amazing and surreal moment. Now if only I can get him to absorb what colors are. Every time I ask him what color something is he says, “Green! Blue!!! RED!!!”

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