I am thankful this year. So thankful. This is the anniversary of topsy-turvy righting itself. A year ago my Mother was hired and we moved to a new life. Started over. Within this last year we have worked our asses off to hang tight to stability. We have a roof over our head, we both have employment, we have food, we have a safe car, we have health, we have this amazing two year old that changes every day.

It is hard to read the news about unemployment rates. Hard to imagine our life if things had not changed. Approximately 9% of the nation is unemployed right now. And I hate to be blunt, but unless you are the primary earner for your family and have been unemployed for an extended period you probably don’t fully comprehend the horror of the situation.

It goes beyond a paycheck. It’s your self-worth. It’s your ability to wake up in the morning and start all over again. It’s wrestling with a bear called Hope every day and rarely winning. I imagine families preparing for a holiday now – what will it be like around the table when others talk about work? Is there even a table to come to for a meal?

pie cooling

If you know someone in your circle that is in the 9% right now I urge you to reach out to them this week. Also? Don’t bring up work. Reach out with conversation about anything but the very thing that has been consuming every cell in their body for months. Ask if they have a place to go to on Thanksgiving. If you are inviting them into your home allow them to bring something to the table.

It’s these touchstones of normalcy that help.

My family moved to Maryland a few days before Thanksgiving in 2009. We were in total shock about life. A friend invited us to their table for Thanksgiving and it was so kind of them. We took a day off from our worries. We sat around the table with wonderful food and uplifting conversation and for the night we felt normal. It was one of the most generous moments of friendship I have ever known.

Do you have room at your table? Can you make room? Is there someone who needs a night of normal in your life?

The List of People and things and moments that I am thankful for this year:

(in no order)
• My Mother, my son
• Paz and her family
• LJ and her family
• The Schlubs
• Alissa
• my son’s Godparents
• the city of Philadelphia
• Cecily and her family
• BlogHer and all of the opportunities they have given me
• Everyone at AboutOne
• Everyone at Aiming Low
• Hobbs coffee shop
• my son’s amazing school
• my friends – all of them
• enthusiasm for learning
• social groups that have taught me so much
• wifi, coffee, peppermint
• group chat on imessage
• awakening of daydreams

And it goes without saying that I am thankful for all of you. I don’t thank you enough.

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