It was incredibly liberating to click a little link that said “opt out” on the klout website this weekend. For several weeks I have been annoyed at myself for caring about something called a klout score. It was a euphoric feeling when my number was high and yet when my score lowered (even for just a few days) I would feel like I wasn’t important. My number dropped so it must mean that people stopped caring about me. I paid no attention to the fact that I was actually having great conversations with people on twitter – I just wallowed in a number.

Pretty pathetic.

I then listened up when some good friends started talking about why they were over klout. A lightbulb went off. I don’t need to give a shit. So I won’t. This is a pretty great starting point about why you might want to consider opting out of klout.

ending klout

In other news I have been fighting a cold for ages and after an event in NYC on thursday night I pretty much lost my voice. I also don’t seem to own any sweaters and I have no idea how that happened. I am cranky in general because there are too many effing holiday decorations up already and I’m not ready.

Speaking of the holiday (see? this is what happens when I don’t carve out proper time to write during the week – I just come here and upchuck during the weekend. Sorry.) just like this was W’s first proper Halloween this will also be W’s first real introduction to what I want our family’s Christmas traditions to be. It’s pretty empowering to basically declare, “this is what we will always do”.

Here is what I want to do:
• have an advent calendar
• do a “releasing of the old toys” ceremony {something where he helps clean out the playroom so we can donate the toys he has grown out of/ we make room for new stuff}
• bring in the story of Santa
• which brings up the – am I ready to bring up Jesus stuff? W is big into birthdays as they celebrate them well at his school – so it feels easy to bring in some of the story…but oh boy that just makes me wonder about a tons of other stuff…for a later post
• cooking treats for teachers & neighbors
• making decorations
• decorating the house

But not until December. I need one more week.

Oh, right…and Thanksgiving. Shit. How did THAT happen?


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