It’s the post where I tell you things in little chunks. Mmmmm. chunks.

–> I wrote these two posts for Aiming Low:
How to extend your love of coffee creamer
• 5 Things You Do to Annoy Me: On the Road Edition

The amusing thing that happened because of the first post is that someone from coffee mate actually e-mailed me. I hope we can be pen pals now.

–> We had planned on having a baby shower for LJ this past weekend but since all of the hosts have toddlers in preschool that meant that most of us had some form of kid passed on sick. The shower got postponed and I went down to Maryland anyway because I couldn’t stand the idea of not meeting little HD. I’m not saying there is a contest or anything, but he is seriously one of the cutest babies ever.

napping HD

–> I finally touched base with the salon about my hair and they asked me to come in tonight but I’m busy so I suggested this Saturday. They said they would call back. I missed the call but the message was basically, “we need to talk about what your expectations are for your hair and this treatment.” So of course I am all twitchy with anxiety that when I return the call it will be some sort of hair stand off. I understand that my hair won’t be stick straight, but I expected it to look at least different and LESS curly & frizzy.

hair too frizzy

–> So you guys know that my birthday is the day before Christmas. I had nothing to do with it. As I get older (and honestly I am pretty chill about my age – truth be told most days I honestly have no idea how old I am.) As I get older I get a bit more cranky about the whole, “let’s start celebrating Christmas while it is still Halloween” thing. I’ve got one more month at this age and you people need to relax with your pine scented festivities just a wee bit longer. We can talk again after Thanksgiving.

–> Speaking of Thanksgiving: Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to find a place to volunteer on Thanksgiving in Philadelphia? I want to work either on the day or at some point during that weekend and finding out how to connect myself to a place in need is proving harder than I would have expected. Most organizations are inviting you to help stock their food pantry – and I get that. I just don’t have money to spare for that right now. But I do have some time and the desire to connect with people.

–> My Mother rearranged the furniture in the house (in THREE rooms!) and I didn’t freak out when I came home. Just reporting this update as it is some nice progress on one of my control-issue/panic things. I’m evolving!

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