For a very long time I have been sleeping on a twin bed. Since we have lived in Philadelphia I have slept on the same twin bed that I once slept on when I lived with my Grandparents as a tween. The very same bed that I have spent every birthday eve and Christmas eve snuggled in. It has been a delight to use the same Sesame Street sheet set that I have so lovingly used since the early 80’s and watch W talk to the characters the same way that I once did.

Part of my “next chapter” vision for myself has been to sleep in a larger bed. And not just a larger bed but a beautiful larger bed. A few years ago when I turned the page in an IKEA catalogue I saw my dream bed. Delicate and graceful. Feminine and beautiful. All of the things that I wish that I could be – maybe sleeping in such a bed would transform me.

So I dog-eared the page and kept the image of the bed in the vision board section of my brain. Someday, I thought. It wasn’t an expensive bed, it wasn’t over the top or beyond saving up for.

A few weeks ago I heard that this bed was not being restocked in many stores. Not wanting a repeat of my labyrinth rug missed moment (that resulted in an epic search for the rug that lasted years and years and years) I decided that it was time. I talked it over with Mom and we merged our funds and declared the bed my birthday/Christmas gift (oh you people with summer birthdays are so flipping lucky!).

Now I am a Queen.

The bed took entirely too long to assemble mostly because W was determined to help and he was overtired and I was cranky and feeling like it was all too much effort to be focused on me. I was useless to be honest. Do you guys ever get that way? When things are being done for you do you ever just want to run away because it all just feels overwhelming? No? I’m flawed.

After many hours and some furniture rearranging in my room my bed was ready. Dressed in a fluffy peppermint striped duvet it looks so positively perfect for me. Last night I slept great but I am weirdly sore in my back today – I suspect from the newness of it all.

new bed

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