As soon as I found out about getting one’s hair straightened out at a salon I was intrigued. (And by “intrigued” I really mean, “I SO WANTED IN!”) My friend Paz was the first person I know to get it done and it looked amazing on her. It’s been one of those “when I can save up for it” things on the list for ages.

But you guys know me, saving up for a me thing like my hair is not something I am good at doing. I am REALLY good at complaining about my hair and even better at not doing anything about my hair and opting to simply wear it in a drab loop at the nape of my neck.

Most people, should they ever encounter my hair NOT in a bun, remark on its thickness and it’s curl/waves. It’s unpredictable and heavy and cumbersome and takes heaps of effort to style. What’s worse is that I could spend the time (2 hours to blow dry, another hour to flat iron) on my hair and it all becomes undone the moment I slow dance with humidity. Oh the humidity!

So I end up not doing anything. (see previous statement about wearing hair in loop.)

before keratin treatment

When I saw a living social deal for a salon a quick drive from my house for a “brazilian blowout” I decided to seize the day. Saturday to be exact. Salon Chemistry is a fun place off the beaten path in West Chester. It’s an intimate and inviting space – and, as luck would have it, it was a great place to watch the freak snow storm that we had on Saturday.

I was met at the door by Anthony, the owner of the salon. Then I met Laura who was my super awesome stylist. The fact that neither one of them flinched when I pulled out my cell phone and announced that I wanted to document my ENTIRE experience of getting my hair done speaks volumes. Everyone that worked at this place was, in a word, chill.

I will say that Laura convinced me to get the more advanced keratin treatment. The group deal that I purchased was for essentially a deep conditioning treatment that probably would have lasted 3 or 4 shampoos on my hair. I was ripe for an up-sell. Hopefully this big-daddy brazilian will last 4 MONTHS! Of course I will keep you posted.

I leave for a work trip to Utah on Tuesday and the first time I can wash my hair is Tuesday night. Nothing like the excitement of finding out at a big work meeting if a hair treatment worked.  Between now and Tuesday night I can’t even put my hair up. At all. It feels so obnoxious to complain but HOLY SHIT not putting my hair up is hard! Part of me wonders if this step is really crucial or if this is some sort of retraining process for all bun junkies to go through. If we can survive four days without piling our hair into a knot then there is hope for us to learn how to wear our hair down and enjoy the fanciness of our new hair!

(And I am only mentioning the salon by name because I really dug them and they were good sports while I hammed it up with my picture taking. Also the owner was cute.)

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