I met Gloria SteinemTuesday I met Gloria Steinem. Yup, I sure did. I was part of a group giving personal brand audits at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women and that allowed me access to the exclusive third floor speaker’s room at the convention center. This was a great place to unwind and recharge the electronics in between sessions and, as luck would have it, to be in the right place and the right time to meet a woman who I have admired for as long as I knew how to admire someone.

When I enrolled in an all girls school in the 8th grade I honestly thought I was being punished. The concept didn’t make sense to me and I felt so awkward. I waited at the school for Mom to pick me up when she got off of work which meant that I spent a lot of time in the library before I figured out which clubs to join. I remember picking up Ms. magazine and knowing instantly that it was the magazine that I should be reading but not feeling like I could handle it yet.

It wasn’t long before I claimed myself as a feminist like I claimed myself as a person and so much of that had to do with Gloria and my pushing myself to read Ms. (and being at that all girls school turned out to be the perfect place for me to realize that I was what a feminist looked like.)

Tuesday I was at a table in the speaker’s room going over the list of people who I would be meeting later that day. Cecily and Lynette were sitting there chatting and working. I looked up and gasped. There she was! Elegant, graceful, making jokes, and getting a microphone on for an interview. I elbowed Lynette and gave Cecily THE LOOK. (This look was meant to say, “let’s just be quiet and blend in with this table and maybe the powers that be won’t ask us to leave the room because OH MY GOOD GAWD GLORIA IS IN THE HOUSE!!”)

It took a few incarnations of THE LOOK before I nailed the execution and then our table was mute with respect and hope. We swiveled around to watch the interview and recognized the moment for being special- because it was.

Meeting Gloria

Afterwards Cecily leapt up to hug her and I got to shake her hand (I might have curtsied). She was gracious with our gushing and later she wowed a crowd of nearly 4,000 women with a powerful speech.


SO guess what I did this past Sunday? I joined a gym! Seriously I did! FOR REAL. It’s in my neighborhood and is open 24 hours and I needed to do it. So I did. This means we should start talking again about all of us being work out partners or something. I need to go back and check out the sites that were mentioned. Or you can just tell me your favorites again.

Guess what I am doing this Saturday? I am getting my hair straightened! FOR REAL. I grabbed one of those group discount thingies for a steal at a place about 20 minutes away. I am so excited about this.

The weird thing is that I seriously read somewhere that there might be snow flurries here on Saturday. Sheesh.

The folks at Red Envelope dug my post, by the way, so that was nice. What’s even nicer is that they passed on a 20% discount link for me to share with you – I don’t think I have ever seen discount codes from them so this is kind of awesome. Go buy stuff. (and that is not an affiliate link at all – I get nothing for sharing the link other than the satisfaction that you are saving money.)

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