After the BlogHer conference in San Diego this summer I was contacted by someone from Red Envelope asking me if I wanted to check out some of the new products they had coming out this Fall. Usually “check out” means “look at this high-resolution photo” or URL. In this case it was, “No, seriously, we want you to pick something out and REALLY check it out.”

Since I haven’t had the luxury of shopping at Red Envelope in quite some time I was more than happy to see what the company had that was new. I used to do all of my holiday shopping for my relatives from this website and they have consistently been a go-to place for thoughtful gifts.

When my eyes landed on a smart-looking duffel bag I had to have it. I’ve had several away trips recently and I either pack things in my backpack from college or shove them into a canvas grocery bag. I loved the idea of having something specifically dedicated to brief trips that looked so sharp and sophisticated.

I contacted Red Envelope and let them know that I wanted to try it out and they said, “GREAT!! We’d love for you to tell your readers about the great gifts they can get their husbands.”

Which made me laugh. Because. Um. You know. Not married.

I wrote them back and basically said ooooooooooh. Didn’t even realize that bag was in the men section. Thanks for the offer anyway. To their credit, even though the obvious person to market the bag to is men or women shopping for men, they totally saw why it would appeal to me. It’s a great duffel and if you are looking for leather gifts it would win you a lot of points. They let me know the bag would be on the way. Wow.

duffel bag

The bag arrived in a protective canvas cloth which added an extra layer of, “this is clearly going to be the nicest duffel bag I have ever owned” feeling. It is SO nice. The construction is solid, the feel of the bag is sturdy but not heavy, and all of the pockets were placed in such perfectly practical places. I took it with me this past week to the BlogHer writers conference in New York and it held several days worth of day and evening clothes and I comfortably navigated the city streets with its shoulder strap slung over me.

red envelope duffel

Is it a man bag? Well you could buy it for a man. But I never felt the bag was dominantly predestined for one gender over another – it just looks classic. You never know where the perfect gift will be hanging out in a department or on-line store. Just because it’s hanging out in the men’s section doesn’t mean this wouldn’t make a great gift for you!

Disclosure: Red Envelope allowed me to pick anything I wanted off of a list of new items and I picked the duffel. In exchange for a review and a link to the duffel on their website they are giving me this totally amazing and beautiful duffel for keeps. My review is entirely my opinion. Their PR department rocks because the whole “I don’t have a husband thing” could have totally had them moving on to someone else – but they get that sometimes chicks dig leather bags too!

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