It is no secret that my feet are bigger than yours. Finding shoes that are cute and comfortable is next to impossible. Do you guys have ANY idea how lucky you are when you can just grab a pair of $12 flats off the shelf from tar-jay? Sure I could grab something from the mens section, but I’d rather not. (been there, done that.)

When I discover a shoe company that makes a shoe above a ten I get happy, if they carry something above eleven I feel like progress is happening, if I find out that they have shoes for the size 12 ladies I want to wrap my arms around their neck and thank them and then tell them all about my horrible prom shoe experience because NO ONE MADE SHOES IN MY SIZE FOR PROM!!!!!!!

There is a sisterhood in big feet. I bet there is a sisterhood in small feet. Heck I bet if you wear size ten wide and met another size ten wide you would do a fist bump. It’s comforting to know that other people are walking around the planet like you. Seriously- if we all need to walk a mile in someone’s shoes it only makes sense that we find out who’s shoes fit. Just saying.

Earthies makes shoes, great shoes, and when I was asked if I would like to try a pair out for keeps I was all, “Why are you teasing the girl with big feet???” Then they kindly pointed me to their website and I gasped. SIZE TWELVES, PEOPLE!!! Lots of ’em.

I selected the Riviera because I never, ever, EVER thought such a shoe excited for feet like mine. Seriously.

earthie riviera

I will say that the fit is a bit snug across the top but I expect this to not be an issue with time. I wore the shoes to several events this summer and early fall and looked great. It’s empowering to be a tall girl in heels – no one expects it. Love that. The shoe has this groovy arch that literally made standing comfortable.


Want to win a pair of Earthies shoes? YES YOU DO!! Here’s how you enter this sweepstakes:

Visit Earthies and check out their shoes
• leave a comment here telling me which shoe you like / or leave a comment on their facebook page – just come back and let me know so you are entered here.

One winner will be selected at random from my comments. The winning shoe will be based on current inventory and your shoe size – so thank goodness ALL their shoes are cool!

Contest open to US residents in the 48 contiguous states. Comments will close at 11:59pm October 31st

• Not required at all – but it would mean a lot to me if you left Earthies a message on Facebook and let them know they rock for making shoes in so many sizes (including mine)!

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Riviera shoes to review by Earthies. I am not being compensated for hosting this giveaway. The opinions in the post and review are my own. My big feet are happy!

UPDATED: I just e-mailed the person attached to the comment associated with the number that the random number generator spit out. If you didn’t get an e-mail from me I am sorry. Do keep your ear out for more posts like this from other bloggers. Earthies facebook page is a good place to stalk, er, be on the look out. 🙂