blogher writers conference nycIt’s going to come out as a gush, there really is no other way to prepare you for it. I went to BlogHer Writers conference this past week and that was so exactly what I needed. It was restorative and revelatory on layer after layer – some I was hoping for and some that I just had no idea would happen.

Before I get into sharing it with you I also need to let you know that this week is going to have a few sponsored posts. Two of them have opportunities for you guys to score some stuffs, the other was a total “I want that and I will blog for that” moment. You know I’m up front about this stuff, but I didn’t want ya’ll to be all, “wow. go to a writer’s conference and then send us to commercials!” {and you DO realize I am writing the posts…but we’ve been over that so yadda yadda, horse, stick, death.}

One of the things I did not expect to happen at this conference was an external/non writer thing. Before the big/important pre-conference cocktail party Cecily informed me that we would be “doing my hair” and “doing my makeup”. I’ve been getting more interested in makeup these past months but sucking at application. And hair? I was just happy if I had no roots and it was clean. She invested time in me.

There is something really great about that kind of attention – it’s so valuable that many chick flicks feature the scene or montage where a friend takes a an ugly chick and waves her magic wand or spins her around in a salon chair or drags her around from store to store and then TA DA: transformation! Afterwards Cecily took a quick photo with a flash because I was having a panic attack about this time I met the Bangles (name drop) and got my picture taken and the flash lit up the concealer under my eyes and zits like I was a connect the dot.

When she showed me the photo I did not recognize myself.

Let’s put this in perspective. I walk around the planet not investing in my appearance at ALL and this is what I show the world.

on the megabus

Now click on the photo and see what the magic wand of makeup and a hairstyle did.

It was an instant confidence boost for me. I went into the cocktail party and then the conference with this energy that was really powerful. And I owned it. I was telling the people I met (and myself) that I had a book or two in me and I was ready to talk about it.

Being in a packed room with other people who have decided to own that, yes, they too are going to write a book, you might think that you would feel intimidated or meek. Far from it. It was a room full of, “me too!” and that is epic. No one was guarding their ideas like they were too precious for other ears – instead people were freely sharing their book proposal ideas. Not once did someone say, “well crap! Now I can’t write my book because you are writing your book.” I wish you all could have gone. Seriously.

It was also wonderful to meet for the first time blog and internet friends that I have known online for a while. (and of course GREAT to see old friends also met via this great wide world web) {if I was a better blogger I would link up to every single brilliant person}

I will say meeting Morgan from the818 was good for my soul in a way that I did not anticipate. I knew she lived in Los Angeles and while that can be a small town sometimes it isn’t. In under five minutes of meeting her we had realized we had so many people in common and an understanding of Hollywood that not many people have if they haven’t worked in the industry. It’s glamorous on the outside, but on the inside? Not so much. I left LA in a daze at the end of the wrap of a huge movie and immediately began taking care of Millie. I had no idea what had happened to a lot of people and she knew. And man was it great to find out that everyone is ok. Know what I mean?

I got interesting feedback on my children’s book idea and feel energized to start approaching some letterhead type people about it. I also feel inspired to spring back into action on the book about Millie. I wish I had a giant pocket of time for that – but I also learned after listening to so many talented authors NO ONE has a pocket of time to write. You just have to make time.

I’m so thankful for this blog space. So very, very thankful.

Now please stand by this week for some messages from our wonderful sponsors.


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