I’m in NYC for a few days to attend the BlogHer Writer’s conference. Just arrived a few minutes ago and already I feel electric energy from the city. I love that. Of course New York is glittery and fabulous for me (and millions of other people) because it just IS, but I also equate this town with my early creative years. The years that I came into my own as a person.

It’s nice to be back.

(even though it is raining)

I had a writerly crisis in planning for this conference because we all had to chose one area to focus on. I plan on writing two books. This one and this one. It was so hard to quiet my head and figure out which book I should focus on in this conference. At the end of the day I decided to join the children’s book sessions. The book that I want to write about my years with Millie is going to be pretty straight forward – I just need to effing write it! But the children’s book is something that I am hoping to also bring close friends in to collaborate and I feel strongly that with some hand holding that it could do well.

Look at me all believing in myself and stuff!

I’m stressed about not being more prepared, but I have crayons and construction paper and I am going to put something together, um, booky looking. I feel like if I have the visual in my hands of what I have been imagining it will be easier to explain.

I’ll be tweeting from the conference using the hashtag #blogherwriters (as will all the other attendees) so if you want to join in virtually please do!

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