apple-treeIt’s impossible to even try to capture the bliss of our weekend. It was, hands down, one of the best I have ever had. Sunday, in particular was the ultimate day for us. It was one of those perfect Fall days in Philadelphia – the kind of day where you could totally put on a sweater but still enjoy the warmth of sun on your face. The sky was the most stunning shade of blue and the foliage on the trees were flirty gem tones. I wish you had been here.

W and I started the day watching a tree that had fallen on Cecily’s house be removed. Totally a major “oh shit” moment for Cecily, but for a toddler? So many trucks! And people in hard hats! And loud crunching sounds! And beep beeps of cranes! He was living out his Bob the builder fantasies. (Thankfully the entire tree didn’t have to be removed.)

Next we all piled into Cecily’s van, Max, and headed out to an Orchard to pick apples. We went apple picking last year in Maryland with friends and that was so much fun so I knew he would love it this year. There is nothing like watching your toddler in a tweed patchwork blazer run full speed down the aisle of an apple orchard.

We spent most of the morning apple picking, then had lunch, and zipped down to a state park for PONY RIDES!!

W loves pointing out horses in books (who doesn’t?) and he does a fantastic neigh. Mother had been talking about taking him riding for a while and W started asking about it. Horsies? Horsies now? NOW?

Yes. Now!

The first thing he did was claim his hat. Then we had to wait our turn, which, holy hell is that HARD! Finally it was time for W and Cecily’s daughter to get on their horses. The two of them were so excited. W did great for being a first timer. He wanted to be on the horse, but he also didn’t want to let go of Mother. So Mom walked around the ring alongside them and W had one hand clenching the reigns and the other clenching his Lolly’s sweater.

When we got home I made a yummy southern style apple cobbler and we all went to bed early. Perfection.

How was your weekend?

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