Today was the drop off day for the family and “special photos” poster at W’s preschool. I had been slowly figuring out what photos I wanted to use. I spent time yesterday morning making something simple and hopefully easy to follow for W. I figured that was the point of the posters – clearly labeled and identifiable.

I dropped off the pages this morning feeling a bit lame that I hadn’t been able to get things on one page. I was not prepared for the quality of the other posters. HOLY SHIT. People had turned in these huuuuuuuge (giant) (massive) posters with tons and tons and tons of photos. Bright color cut-outs was a theme. Fucking glitter. People had gone to mothertrucking town on these posters. I mean who has construction paper just hanging around for projects like this. (wait. Am I supposed to??! Shit.)

I sort of flipped through the ones on top before stopping myself. No way can I compete. No way do I want to. And obviously W is two – he won’t care. He was excited that I had added a photo of the cat.

But you know, always nice to have that fantastic feeling of FAIL first thing in the morning. Woo!

Here is a shrunken down version of W’s family poster…see yourself?

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