There is just something uncomfortable about having to shop within THAT row of THAT aisle. While most women my age are moisturizing away wrinkles with lotions in grownup jars I’m over in the teen section looking for something that will kill a monster pimple on my chin. The acne fighting products available on most drugstore shelves are clearly being created and sold to a different generation – I know because I have been buying and using zit cream since I was 13 years old and the hot pink and neon blue boxes are exactly the same.

I remember a dermatologist telling me once that I should be happy to have acne as an adult as it meant that my skin “still felt youthful”. He also told me that because I still had pimples I wouldn’t get as many wrinkles. Looking in the mirror at a cluster of zits at my jaw line does not make me feel youthful and it doesn’t make me rejoice that my combination skin has staved off smile lines. Instead I feel gross and weird. I feel dirty.

My adult skin is different from a teenager’s and yet so many acne treatments are made for teen skin.

Recently I was asked to try the Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line and I jumped at the opportunity. If you are an adult suffering with acne you are probably like me- you have tried EVERYTHING out there. I have been on prescription creams and prescription oral medication (that I later found out that I was allergic to). I have tried stuff from infomercials and stuff from shops at yoga studios. And of course if it can be purchased at a drugstore or grocery store I have certainly tried it.

The one product I hadn’t tried, and I was excited that such a thing existed, was an acne wash that was created for grownups. When I think of Olay I think of taking care of your skin. I also know that they cater to aging skin (my Grandmother and my Mother have used their products).

The Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line  is three steps: a gentle wash (with salicylic acid), a leave on skin clearing treatment (with salicylic acid), and it wouldn’t be Olay without a moisturizer.

check out my epidermis!

The Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Pore Clarifying Cleanser had no perfumed scent to it and it lathered in a satisfying way. I usually expect leave on treatments to irritate my skin if I use it twice a day but I never experienced any redness or peeling. (Something that usually happens with “acne systems” and it makes me stop using the product.) The moisturizer was totally different from anything I have ever tried. Since my skin can be oily I almost always skip moisturizing, but the moisturizer was a gel and not a lotion and it didn’t make my skin feel slick or greasy at all.

The first night I tried the product my skin felt different to the touch. It has continued to feel soft and smooth for the weeks that I have used Olay.

When I started I had a pimple on my chin, one of those just below the surface numbers that you know are going to hang around for days. Usually I would put something harsh on that kind of pimple and hope that it never breaks the surface. (because then it is just a crime scene. ugh.) Since I wanted to give the Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Line a proper try I left the pimple alone. Sadly it managed to emerge 48 hours later and it rented space on my face for almost two weeks.

While most of my face was getting all lovely and soft this one little area was having a pimple parade. I loved what Olay was doing for my face, but I kind of wished I had some Olay in combat boots for the emergency pimple moments (because they always happen).

Over half of the women in America between 25 and 58 have some form of acne. Pretty shocking. And also, maybe a tiny bit comforting to know that you are not alone suffering. Finally companies like Olay are coming out with products for us and Pro-X was a really nice discovery.

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