coffee-podcampLet’s have a little talk. Things have been a wee bit “sponsored post” heavy around these parts lately and tomorrow another review and giveaway will be going live. I like being in a place where I can write reviews and share giveaways with ya’ll but I imagine having an onslought of them from me is annoying. Sorry.

I’m still here!

I’m still in a total euphoric state of happiness from my weekend. In addition to meeting The Bangles and having the most wonderful Saturday night at their concert I also had a pretty great Sunday. I went to Pod Camp Philly and sat in on some informative workshops. (I also presented a workshop on creating media kits with Cecily that seemed to go over pretty well.) Later I won a raffle prize of admission to another conference happening in Philly in November – hurrah!

What was interesting about this Pod Camp experience was that there were BOYS there. I’m used to the BlogHer experience or Mom blogger meet-up type events. If there is a man there he is usually holding a purse and praying that you won’t make eye contact with him. (ok, not ALL guys at women-centric conferences are like that but I have met several)

Having a co-ed social media gathering was, oh how can I say this in a way that you won’t make fun of me too much….BOYS!!!

I promise you that I was not some silly or flirting fool, but I might have quietly played a game or two of “hot or not” with some friends. (this is where we also go woo!! for 2nd day hair because I had total hair confidence which is a rare and wonderful thing.)

As I continue to get my life wrapped around my new work schedule what is continuously becoming clear are the things that I need to also schedule into my life: I need to make time to walk and work out. I also think it’s getting close to making some time to recognize that I want to maybe ponder about thinking about the possibility dating. (ohHOLYshitItotallyjustsaidthatoutloud)

I don’t kid around when I say that Fall and Winter are my seasons. These are the seasons that I traditionally die and regrow, crumble and reinvent. In the Winter of 2003 I started a new life, in the Fall of 2009 I had to find myself again. I’ve molted for two years (ew) and I can feel some confidence creeping back in. It’s been lovely to feel it there.

So back to the sponsored post stuff – I’m sorry if it has annoyed some of you, I am thrilled for those of you that are entering the giveaways (heck yes I want my readers to win free stuff!), and to the indifferent thank you for shrugging. I’m still here. Promise.

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