bangles-philly-liveI would like to pretend that I was incredibly calm and mellow when I heard that Vicki, Debbi, and Sussana were about to walk up the stairs. And I don’t mean they were about to walk up to the stage. I mean they were walking up to the little atrium area of the theatre where a small group of Philadelphia bloggers were geeking out over being out of the house on a Saturday night.

All at once I was Mary Katherine Gallagher and jamming my hands under my arms for comfort.

They positioned themselves at a table with cards to sign and we were invited to come say hello. (OMG) I was one of the first to meet the women of The Bangles and they could not have been more graceful, kind or beautiful. Even as I was talking a mile-a-minute about what a fan I was (SO ORIGINAL!) they smiled and made me feel like my adoration meant something. I got a photo taken with the band and it turned out horrible. The flash made my eyes demonic and turned my concealer into glow dots on my face.

bangles-fanThe redo photo above was much better but you can clearly see my enthusiasm is at an eleven. (And don’t they look super excited to meet me too?!)

bangles-performing-liveThis show was their kick-off show for a small tour they are embarking on with NEW material. Yup. You heard me – NEW!! They performed all of the songs I loved and then they started weaving in songs from their new album. Everyone in the theatre was a fan so there was this amazing energy of, “squeeee!!” for the entire night. This was not some phoned in vanity concert at ALL it was very much a, “we are back!!” performance.

I sprained my face from grinning so much.

[VERY special thank you to Philly radio station Ben FM for hosting the group of bloggers, Joey Fortman for orchestrating a magical night, and Cecily for letting me sing along to every song without mocking me once. ]

And because I was thinking of you guys I recorded this tiny bit of Eternal Flame to share!

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