moving-storageI have been totally neglectful over here because so much STUFF has been going on. While usually “stuff” translates to “quick! Run to the blog and document it all” this time there has been so much stuff that there has not been a moment to catch up. Which is why I am neglecting my groaning e-mail inbox and to-do list right now to get this all down. This is the good stuff and it deserves my attention as much (if not more) as the shitty stuff.

• I started another very small job doing some behind the scenes work for a website for special needs.

• I was offered (and accepted) a promotion at another job. That comes with a raise and brings my total hourly commitment to the position to 30 hours a week.

• W will start going to preschool 4 days a week next week and in mid-October he will go all 5 days.

• My personal goal, that I haven’t really blogged about AT ALL because, well, it’s squicky to talk about to be honest, was to not qualify for food benefits by the Fall. It looks like that is going to happen. I can not express how huge this is for me. I have been working my tail off trying to stand on my own and it has been hard. Not sugar-coating the difficulty level at all. But I think I made it. I’ll know in a few months. It’s probably stupid premature of me to have said anything but here we are.

• We finally (!!) got everything out of the storage unit in Maryland and trucked it into the garage and basement of our rental house in PA. This is what we did all weekend and it was beyond brutal and awful. But because it is DONE, and a huge thing to be done with, it absolutely goes on the YAY list. I’ll just pretend that the experience didn’t involve emergency tow-truck on a Sunday kind of calls.  (If you saw me swearing on twitter this weekend that is what it was in reference to.)

• I’m in Maryland again right now because something pretty wonderful has happened: LJ is a Mom again! W and I are hanging out with his buddy V until his Grandparents get here. Yeah- did you hear that? LJ and her husband are right this very moment holding their new son, H! It’s pretty fantastic when friends have dreams fulfilled.

• I probably owe you an e-mail…or two. And I have been The Worst on responding to your comments lately. I have it on my list to get better. Promise!

• This weekend I am speaking at a conference AND going to see The Bangles… I might explode seeing The Bangles perform live. Not even exaggerating on that.

What is sparkly with you right now?

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