leaves-turn-colorIn less than 24 hours it will be official. Fall! I could not be more excited. Right on cue, as I was driving W to school this morning I spotted some leaves on the trees starting to turn. My entire body tingles with a different kind of energy in this season. I feel super creative and inspired. For eff’s sake- it’s plaid boot season!

I promised myself that at the start of the new season I would get committed to walking. Right now my only physical activity is chasing after W and while that is exhausting it isn’t restorative the way a good work out can be. I have a lot of friends that are runners and while I have zero desire to take up that sport I do admire their dedication and the clarity that they have.

With cooler temperatures coming I have no excuse to bitch and complain about it being too hot to go for a walk. Now it is just a matter of making it a priority, finding the best time of day to do it, and sticking with it.

I wondered if any of you guys were thinking about getting out and going for walks now that fall is nearly here. Want to be a walking buddy? Is there such a site that will allow for a few people to join as a group and keep track of how long they walked and how often?

Who’s up for it? I’d like to start with thirty minutes of walking for three days a week – because I am coming from nothing. No sense in sugar-coating it. (mmmm…sugar)

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