Cover of the DVD for the Bridesmaids Movie

I have been working on putting together a girls gathering to watch the DVD release of the Bridesmaids movie. I loved it when it came out in the theatre (it’s so rare for me to see new movies when they come out!) and I knew that seeing it again on DVD would be perfect in a group setting. The planning? The party? Sigh. If you have seen the movie then you know that it’s not exactly uncanny that the planning has been a bit of my own personal mad caper.

Lesson learned: I’m not such a rock star party planner.

If everything had gone according to Plan A I would have had a super kick ass and awesome party two weeks ago. If everything had gone according to Plan B I would have had a super fantastic party yesterday afternoon. If everything had gone according to Plan C I would at least not feel like such a doofus.

The DVD was coming to me directly from Universal (thanks gals!) and I planned (you know, in my head) for it arrive a few weeks ago. I thought PERFECT! I’ll be in Maryland with LJ, Amy, Jane, Paz and maybe I could round-up some other Maryland gals to laugh it up for a movie night. Except the movie didn’t arrive on my timeline. That was when I watched Plan A fade away.

Last week I got an e-mail – It’s coming! It’s on its way. AND there’s some extra fun stuff coming with it!!

I think – PERFECT! The Philly Social Media Moms are getting together for a workshop Saturday morning, we had talked about doing a lunch afterwards…I bet everyone would love to watch the movie after lunch! I do a quick poll of the group and a nice number was excited about watching the film together. There was even talk about bringing out old bridesmaid dresses to wear! CRAZINESS!! I strut my stuff and feel like I can do anything!! GO ME!!!

Thursday I arrive home to a love letter on my front door from fedex. I had JUST missed the cutie fedex guy by two hours. I loaded W up in the car and we went off to the local fedex office to see if we could collect the package there. (that’s what she said) I just knew it had to be the DVD. (and by Jove, it had better be because my super awesome-don’t you wish you were coming-party was happening Saturday afternoon!!!)


Imagine up to this point the caper is chugging along, “Girls just want to have fun” style but as soon as I cross the threshold the tone of this story shifts… just a heads up.

Have you ever picked up a package directly from an express/courier delivery service? As in gone down to a warehouse on the other side of town and probably near an airport? During the day I imagine it could have been different, but at night it was spooky.

Waiting in line at the FedEx was surreal. I didn’t want to be the chump that played on my phone in line so my only entertainment options were to not so blatantly eavesdrop on what was going on around me.

The guy in line ahead of me to the left was trying to leave a package at the center because he forgot his wallet and he “just needed to run home to get it”. The clerk was not having it. So the guy says, “OH! My car!” and he went trotting out and then trotting back in and reported, “nope! wasn’t in my car!” To which the woman at the counter replied, “sir, those are windows right there. I just watched you run out and stand on the sidewalk.” No idea what he was trying to pull but it didn’t happen.

Meanwhile the other counter person on my right was having a hard time explaining to a customer how packages are verified at pickup. A young woman had a door tag and wanted to pick up a package. Problem was the packages were not addressed to her and her id did not match the address. Her argument was that it should not matter that her name was not on the packages – she LIVES there. She just couldn’t prove it. But trust her, ok??

When it was finally my turn to collect my package I had my id ready and I knew there was no room for sass or humor. I am rethinking ever joking with a counter person again because HOLY HECK the stuff they put up with!

(oh- and Yes- the package was the DVD from Universal)

Back to planning the super awesome party!

A restaurant near our workshop space had an upstairs room where we could watch a movie and as long as we were out of there by 3:30pm they would be happy to have us. And then they called and told us that there was a minimum fee for group dining. The minimum fee was GIANT. They brought the fee down a bit, but not enough to make it realistic. No other venues in the area had the ability to screen a video.

(note to self: when I win the lotto – open a venue that will host groups in Philly and not be complicated about it)

I asked the group for suggestions – we all brain stormed but at the end of the day it was a plan that was perfect that deflated. I felt like a total reject weenie.

planning-dvd-bridesmaid-partyTime for Plan C!

No way was I NOT going to have some merriment and excitement for watching this movie. I mean for eff’s sake Universal sent pink streamers and balloons with the DVD! I have two friends that recently became engaged and I invited them to come over for a movie, pizza and beer but the last minute invite was no match for… well most people tend to have plans on a Saturday night.

And then I invited some friends to come over tonight – wooo!! Pizza!! Movie!! YAY!!
um…no go.

I’m bumming, but I’m going to get my party going somehow!
(anyone want to come over and watch a movie??)

Disclosure: Universal sent me a copy of the DVD and a box of streamers and other party planning stuff (paper plates, balloons, plastic forks…) Basically a pity party in a box. Or a challenge to a single girl with no party planning skills. All content is mine. Stay tuned…

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