number 7Seven Septembers ago I started this blog. My friend Paz recently asked to read my very first blog post and after I sent the link to her I decided to read it and have a visit with the Dresden from 7 Septembers ago.

My goal is to have a venue to rant and vent that is quasi anonymous.”

Well I have certainly done my share of ranting and venting! That first month of blogging was a new world for me. I imagined that only a few people who I knew from fertility message boards would be reading and I didn’t think that it would become such an important part of my life.

But it has. Blogging has not only been therapeutic and healing, but it has also led me to amazing and deep friendships, validated my passions as a story-teller/writer/ photographer, and become a comforting routine in my daily life. I think about writing and the people who read my blog every day – the link that I have with people isn’t just a hyperlink, it’s more tangible than that.

Thank you for reading, for taking the time to be with my words, for leaving thoughtful comments, for sending silly e-mails, for tweeting me awesome photos of plaid! You helped create and raise a two-year old with me. Thank you.

I would love to read your first blog post. If you decide to comment today will you share the URL to your first post?

Seven. May this be a lucky year of chronicling…

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