toddlers hanging outI’m in Maryland for a few days visiting a friend and getting ready to empty out our storage unit here (pretty big moment for us, kind of overwhelming). Another friend is still without power at both her office and her son’s school so she decided to come over for a few days. This means that I am in a house with many toddlers – something that I am not used to seeing.

It has been really interesting observing W with his buddies. He is the youngest and the least articulate but his participation in play is totally what I would consider normal. It is clear that he is a quieter kid and that he does like to have some still moments with independent play, but when he is charged and ready to dive in he certainly does. It honestly just makes me wonder what his teachers noticed in him that created their original concern.

Within the next few weeks every student at W’s school will get a one on one evaluation and every parent will be given a full report on progress. I’ve gone over the eval check list of kids W’s age and I think he’s within the normal range. The things that he might miss would be drawing a line after I drew a line and he still speaks a lot of babble.

I feel like I want W to “ace” his exam. Even though that means exactly nothing. I’m just wanting this moment where someone pulls me aside and says, “we are sorry we alarmed you earlier, but things seem just fine now.” Instead I feel like they are waiting for the, “see?!! That thing right THERE?? That is what we mean…” Only no one seems to be able to articulate it.

It’s been great to have two of my friends observing W because they know I am tense (rightly or wrongly) – but just having an extra set of eyes on him has been a relief.

It isn’t that I don’t trust or respect W’s school – far from it. They are exceptional. Seriously. But I want them to see that they got it wrong with my guy. If they would just say, “oh he’s doing great” – even if they say, “he’s doing great NOW” I would be able to push my shoulders down.

On a TOTAL side note I can finally tell you some cool news. I’ll be writing weekly over at Aiming Low staring in September. Get your sad sack, angsty parenting posts* here at Creating Motherhood and then let’s go laugh about stuff at AL.

*AND OMG I have been so trombone obnoxious with my posts lately. I’m in a phase. I’m working on it. Promise.

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