working mother clubhouseI’m not so great working at home as a Mom. I’m also not so great just being a full-time Mom at home. I know there are women that shine in one or both of these areas and I admire them completely. I listen to them wax on and on about how fulfilled they are and how they manage to get it all done…and then I realize that W doesn’t have any clean shorts to wear to preschool the next day and I still have 20+ things to do on my list.

I enjoy working and having assignments and that creative ZING! What I miss most about working at home is adult stimulation. I do have a weekly conference call with one of my jobs and that is nice to have adult conversation between demands for more milk and diaper changes.

I LOVE being a parent. Love it. I am lucky that I am one and I tell myself this every day because it was not easy to get to this place and I know this.

So we are clear, right? I love being a parent and I love working. But working AND parenting at the same time is not my ideal. Things have gotten loads better for both of us with W in school – we have a set schedule and I work around that. Unless I have a deadline. Then it’s a loop of stress and guilt.

What would solve everything for me would be if there was a working mother clubhouse. Because I am a daydream believer I have spent some time thinking about this. (I’m betting some of you have as well!) This clubhouse would have great wifi, be in an easy to get to area, and every parent wanting to take part would have to volunteer X number hours of childcare (a number that would be in relation to how many hours she needs to be at the clubhouse)

The Working Mother Clubhouse

• Basement Level/ Walkout to kidscaped & fenced yard
–> Nap room
–> large bathroom with soft bathtubs, potty training area, changing station
–> rocking chair/ reading room
–> combo play & real kitchen
–> deck set up with water play
–> tv/ film viewing area with soft pillows
–> comfy chair for parent on duty
–> built in video monitoring

• Ground Floor: Designated work zones
–> conference room for when group meetings are necessary
–> large, overstuffed sofas in a large well-lit room
–> bathroom with two stalls, shower, private tub soak room
–> small kitchen area
–> wall panel with video screen of child area (ability to TURN OFF)
–> quiet work zones & junk tv working zones (or music)

• 2nd Floor: Unwinding/recharging zones
–> nap room: some times in order to work better you just need 20 minutes of shut eye
–> rage room: small padded, sound-proof room for screaming at the Universe on the awful days
–> large deck: when the days are too perfect to work inside.

Are you joining the clubhouse with me? What room or feature would you add??

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