bob is on tv
Yes. That is crayon on the tv. sigh.

A few weeks ago W was running errands with Mother. They were at a large box electronic store and in a rare move W had shunned the buggy in favor of sticking close to his Lolly and cruising down the aisles with a wee bit of freedom that is rarely bestowed upon him.

Near the check out there was a bin of castaway dvds. I’m not talking about Tom Hanks crying for Wilson, I’m talking about those super cheap, who on EARTH would ever buy this crap, pile of dvds. The stores put the most vibrant looking ones on top luring in the shortest shoppers and as you wait patiently in line for the next cashier to be available you have to explain why Jumbo Snakes In a Lake (not a real film, but probably will be soon) will not be purchased. Then you have to decline options 2-8 (which will probably dance a spectrum from How to Play Georgia Poker to Western Movie From the 70’s That Should Never Be Released on DVD).

When option 9 is held up something in you is ready to break. BECAUSE OH MY LANDS why isn’t this line moving?? And maybe you are just thrilled that your child or grandchild hasn’t discovered the turning kiosk of candy just 2 yards away, so really, there is no wonder that when the innocent looking cover of a Bob the Builder DVD is thrust into your face you finally succumb with a sigh and allow it to be chucked into the buggy.

And this is all to explain why all I can hear, day and night, Bob the Builder – YES WE CAN!

W has slid into the era of toddlerhood where videos are not watched once and we move along. Oh no. We watch and then as soon as the very hint of closing credits are upon us he leaps up to the dvd player and yells at it, “MORE!” And he doesn’t just watch the same thing twice. Oh no. This Bob dvd is 3 episodes strung together- 45 minutes long. There have been some days where he has seen it five times in a row.

{Parenting police, you may look at your real estate now. Admire the glass house you live in and try to resist the picking up of stones…}

I have shared with you guys some of the development stuff that W’s teacher’s and I are keeping an eye on. Language is one of them. It’s hard for the teachers to get a good grip on his language skills because he apparently can go an entire day without saying one word in class. At home he chatters away and I understand the intent of what he says 78% of the time but if I was just going on language I only understand maybe 60% of his words.

But here is the interesting thing: he is totally memorizing Bob the Builder. First it was just when Bob made a phone call W would run go grab his phone and make a call as well. Now he is saying the lines WITH Bob. With each viewing his enunciation gets a bit better. As much as I have come to seriously, seriously, seriously dread this DVD I am thinking it is helping him out a little bit.

Hopefully if I get some more episodes for him he will embrace them. There is only so much I can take of the same 3 episodes over and over and over.

I know I am not the only one stuck in a video loop. What videos are you watching on repeat?

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