It’s not often that I flip through the toy section of a catalogue and want to high-five the people who put it together. Usually I get into a snit because usually in major catalogues, when it comes to toys, girls play in pink and purple kitchens and boys play with red and blue blocks. There is no intermingling. Got it? Pink kitchen = girls. Blue blocks = boys. The catalogue will be divided this way, the store will be divided this way, and then it will be no wonder that some day your son will say, “boys don’t play with kitchens.”

And then Ikea has this adorable image on page 218 of their new catalogue:

boy serves tea

Simple. But boy did it get to me. Finally there was a boy playing the way my son plays, the way I imagine many sons play. It was beautiful. And while I am not the sort of person that needs permission to allow my son to serve tea to his stuffed animals it does make me happy to think that somewhere out there someone who DID need to be reminded that it is ok just saw this ad. Some grandparent that would have just walked on by the tea sets for their grandson is now seeing this ad and maybe they will make a purchase.

Yesterday W and I went to a party here in Philadelphia sponsored by Disney. The purpose of the party was to help spread the word that next year there will be a Disney Cruise ship launching from New York. (sadly there were no tickets in our goody bag!) It is always fun to see friends from Philly and the Disney group did a nice job of putting together some activities for kids of all ages to take part in.

The most popular table with both girls and boys was the tea set table and toy house table.

making tea

Boys make tea. They love it. Give teas a chance! At the end of the day it obviously isn’t up to a store or catalogue to show our children, our sons, that all kinds of play is ok – but it is nice to see someone getting it right. Proof, once again, that Ikea is the awesome.

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