Part of the process of shedding the alias involved changing my twitter handle. I knew I would need to do it but I was afraid that I would be resetting myself to zero or have to constantly chase after my followers to get them to follow my new account.

I was thrilled to discover how easy it was to change things. It’s almost as if twitter knew that some day people would want to use their real names or change their blog names. So if you feel like you are trapped in a twitter name that you picked out on a whim or if you feel like it doesn’t fit you anymore? Change it!

Log into your twitter account and go into your settings. In the very first tab you will see your account settings. Your current twitter handle will be where your username is. Take a breath. Delete the username and type in the name you want to use. Twitter will instantly go to work and let you know if that name is available. If it is available you will get the green “available!” message to the right of the username.

how to change your name on twitter

Here is the only bit of this process where you might want to be speedy. Click save to activate your new twitter handle (whoo hoo!!) and then IMMEDIATELY LOG OUT OF TWITTER. Point your URL to the main twitter page and sign up for a new account. (stay with me here) The new account you want to set up is Your old account.

YES. As soon as you change your twitter handle your old one is up for grabs. Even if you plan on never ever using it again I suggest you still go on and reclaim your now old twitter name. The worst case scenario is that someone else claims it and is a jerk and you really don’t want that to happen.

After I changed my twitter name I needed to log out and then log back into my phone app and I had to log out and then log back in to Klout but everything else was smooth. On my old account I used the bio to point people to my new handle and tweeted one tweet with the same message. No one else had to update. I just magically showed up with a new name (& freaked some people out).

…my new twitter handle is @DresdenPlaid

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