blogher conference

Hello from BlogHer!

I’ve just finished breakfast and enjoyed the welcome message (& found out that next year BlogHer ’12 will be back in New York City). There was a speed dating session where just under 3,00 bloggers traded business cards and shared the subject of their blogs. I was so thrilled to hear that so many other women explain their blogs by saying, “I write about my life” – YES.

I’m now in a session called “Essential Writing and Editing Skills” and soon will learn about the passive voice…which, turns out, isn’t about being passive aggressive.

• People will notice your grammar & spelling before they notice your message.

• Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, has a chapter called “Writing the Shitty 1st Drift” – read it!

• Grammar is our master & not our servant.

• Serious pieces require SERIOUS checking.

• Never use a 4 syllable word when a 2 syllable word will do.

• Every time you change the subject you need a new paragraph.

• With verbs: pick a tense and stick with it

• everybody has a history. every word has a history. “words rock”. have now learned many words mean penis…or are connected to penis. um. seriously. “testimony” “fragment”…yup…penis.

• Wow. I really, really, really need to get a book on this stuff.




Moderated by Polly Pagenhart, Jane Goodwin and Kimberley Bradford



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