boy in hatIn a few days I will write about some stuff going on with W but I want to get something behind us first so I have a better picture. But out of curiosity have any of you guys dealt with delayed language issues? (this was tacked on to the main event thing we are dealing with.)

It’s difficult to know when to be a lax parent about things and when to be concerned. I wasn’t concerned at all. But when you see it on official papers it becomes, well, concerning.

Gosh, I’m finding this really hard to write about. Ironic. W communicates, he has words. But he also doesn’t. He can tell us that the cow says moo. But when it comes to pronouncing things it’s not quite there. His teachers also report that he doesn’t really talk at all in school, but that he can follow all directions.

So it’s now something that went from being, “oh words will come” to “won’t they?” And even worse the thought “does he have fewer words today than he did yesterday?”

All parents really want is normal or above normal. “Below Normal” is a difficult line to read.

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