list of namesDay 21- What names would you NEVER name a child or pet? What name do you wish you had been named? Do you like the name of your blog?

When I became pregnant with W I had the PERFECT name for him. It was a name that I had carried in my heart for years and the name I whispered into the darkness when I was still hoping to become a Mother. It was incredibly surprising that first ultrasound where boy parts were discovered. The tech didn’t even bother with the usual disclosures about accuracy and certainty, she just declared that I was carrying a boy, and with that new knowledge everything that I had assumed about my future child evaporated.

A boy! So much for the name that I was planning on!

The quest to find the perfect name for W lasted a few weeks. I knew it would be a family name and I was ever so thankful that Millie had giant books of family documents that I could pour over and study. I collected names from my Grandmother’s side of the family and my Grandfather’s and it was a lovely bonding experience to hunt for the name with both Mother and Millie.

From my list the obvious name was suddenly SO obvious. I still have the final list of possibles in W’s baby book and after just taking a glance at it —oh man. You are WELCOME, my dear son. What on earth was I thinking even considering the name Tarleton???

As for my name…well I love my pen name that I use to write here. I don’t wish that it was my real name, but it has always felt like an authentic and true version of me, a safe me, to write on-line with.

My real name took some growing into. It is not an ideal sort of name for an eleven year old girl in a small southern town which is why I went by the initials of my first and middle names for ages 11 – 13. When I was 14 I went by just the letter of my first name and by the time I was 15 I had (at last!) grown into owning and embracing the blank stares or multitude of questions I might get upon hearing my name.

I can not imagine having any other name. (well except for the one I write under. heh)

Now, about the name of my blog… I think I go back and forth between thinking it is perfect and always will be and wishing I had a bit more scope. If I had a time-machine I think I would have incorporated some plaid in the title. Somehow.

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